Before starting, I suppose that you have already downloaded GPG, if you haven't check part 1 of the blog….

1. Download git for Windows system:

  1. Download the latest version of git.
  2. Run the downloaded installation file.
  3. Follow the instructions, and keep the default options unless you need something else. When you reach the page (shown below) choose the editor you are familiar with.

Are you new to git and you want to download it properly?! Are you facing errors like ( gpg: Warning: using insecure memory! ) when you start using git ?? This might be due to improper downloading of git.

In this blog I’ll explain the proper way of downloading git for each operating system.


Before downloading git, you have to download GnuPG (a.k.a GPG):

  • What is GnuPG ??

GNU Privacy Guard is an encryption program, that let’s people communicate privately online. It works by converting messages to unreadable form (attached with the public key of a recipient) before sending them…

Let’s start our git and GitHub journey….

1. What is git ~~>

Imagine that you’re good at cooking, and you want to make your own food recipe 🍜, you’ve tried it, and it was delicious, so you decided to write it down in a cooking notebook. Then you made the recipe again, but now you added some spices and did some changes to it, and as expected from you it was delicious too 😄, so you wrote it down. After several years you ended up with full notebook of different versions of your own food recipe, Whew…

However, if the recipe was written in a text file not a paper, How to…

Bana Abdallah

Self-taught data scientist | explain things related to (git, data science, ML) in a simple way.

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